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AB Web Technologies, based in INDIA, has a supream presence in the web development Noida. We provide world-of-the-art website design services with stunning, creative, results-driven online marketing.


Apps now have become the window to the world within a real world where the virtual experience has changed the face of the humanity.

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With more than 100 billion apps expected to hit the market in the coming year, it becomes competitive space and it’s not an easy task for the apps to become successful in this domain. With a great shift in the customer behavior towards this experience, the designers are now more interested and are focused in developing app designs and continuously updating them on regular basis to stay in the market as well as to create a valuable experience for the users.

Apps have been instrumental in creating a strong base for the business providing a strong relationship with its users. Developers are having a tough time in getting people to download their apps and to hook to them for a longer time and continue using it.

As per the reports nearly 25 % of apps are just being opened once and are never used again by the users. And as the users are being constantly in search for better apps which provide a rich experience in terms of usability, their experience should be unforgettable so that they return to that app again and again.


Booking a cab, to eating at a restaurant, or whether to dive into the vast ocean of knowledge, mobile apps have been instrumental in helping people in their needs and satisfying their thirst for knowledge and love for entertainment. Apps are the most trusted way in delivering services to the users.

This resulted in the developers to make the apps suitable to the needs of users allowing them to complete the tasks hassle free. The apps that have been most successful have been seen to be user friendly by providing fast paced task completions and guiding users on their way. Because the best and engaging apps have started with their focus on usability and interactive designs.


Colorful spaces, appealing logos, and trendy looks have been great in catching the attention of users. The sharpness of fonts until the typeface is readable makes the app utility better. With the color, the apps are made to look stylish and user will definitely return to use it again.

The trendy looks makes sure that users know the difference between outdated one and a latest one and wont discard your app. Users expect the apps to be quicker and efficient. Thus the app designs are a way to revolutionize the mobile industry and is a deciding factor.


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